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Dutchland, Inc. is a manufacturing and construction company that specializes in engineering, manufacturing, and constructing Circular, Rectangular and Elliptical Precast Post-Tensioned Concrete Tanks, Custom Designed Wastewater Treatment Plants, and other specialized concrete products. Our client list includes The U.S. Military, Municipalities, General Contractors, and Private Developers. See our Products Page for more information about what we manufacture and construct.
Eagle Hunter Precast Post-Tensioned Concrete Tank
AWWA Precast Post-Tensioned Concrete Water Tank
Meadow View Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction
Who We Are

Dutchland, Inc. manufactures and constructs quality precast concrete environmental solutions for value-centric customers and provides a positive experience for employees and business partners while extending good will to the community through stewardship. Dutchland, Inc. is a NJ, DE, MD & NY certified WBE company.

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Quality Assurance
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Dutchland is known for quality. Our best customers are those who value quality and require higher standards. Dutchland, Inc. is a PCI certified producer, ensuring that quality and processes are maintained at the highest possible standard.


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Featured Project:

As part of Alexandria Renew’s State-of-the-Art-Nutrient-Upgrade (SANUP) initiative, Dutchland, Inc. is constructing an 18-million gallon precast post-tensioned concrete tank extending 30 feet below grade. The tank will be covered with a synthetic playing surface to accommodate regulation soccer and lacrosse fields. Click HERE to to view the webcam at the project!


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