New Greensboro WWTP Wins Water/Environment Award of Merit

The new Greensboro Wastewater Treatment Plant was recently recognized by the Engineering News Record with a Water/Environment Award of Merit as one the Mid-Atlantic’s 2017 Best Projects! The new wastewater treatment plant in Greensboro, MD was designed by Rummel, Klepper, & Kahl LLP and includes vortex grit removal, a sequencing batch reactor, denitrification filters, cascade post aeration, UV disinfection and chemical storage and feed systems. Dutchland designed and constructed the circular precast post-tensioned sequencing batch reactor with an 80-ft inside diameter and 22-ft high wall panels for the new plant.

The new system will reduce the nitrogen that flows into the Choptank River from the towns of Greensboro and Goldsboro by 83% and phosphorus by 90%. The improvement is especially important because the plant sits at the headwaters of the Choptank, and data has shown that the loads to the river are far greater upstream than where the river meets the Chesapeake.

The New Greensboro Wastewater Treatment Plant is also significant because it is the first step toward solving a problem nearly five decades in the making: Treating waste from entire towns that do not have public sewers and have failing septic systems. The new treatment plant will both replace the antiquated plant in Greensboro as well as connect to homes in nearby Goldsboro, nearly all of which are on failing septic systems.

Dutchland was proud to partner with RKK and American Contracting & Environmental Services, Inc. to deliver the successful project for the Town of Greensboro.

Health & Wellness Fair at Dutchland

On Friday, September 22, the Dutchland Wellness Committee sponsored its third annual Health & Wellness Fair. The Fair was an educational and interactive event designed for outreach to provide basic preventative medical screening to Dutchland employees and their families, as well as information about living a healthy lifestyle. The event was well attended by employees and spouses / families.

The Dutchland Wellness Committee organized the event which included thirteen vendors. Dutchland participants enjoyed chair massages from Lancaster School of Massage, Nutri Freak taught attendees about clean eating while The Salt Vault offered halotherapy. Additionally, employees who wanted to know more about their health underwent biometric testing to determine the risk level of the individual for certain diseases and medical conditions. Flu and tetanus shots were administered to employees and family members who signed up, and healthy snacks provided by the Wellness Committee.

The well-being of all employees is a top priority for Dutchland and the Company is proud to sponsor activities that improve the quality of life for Dutchland employees and their families!

Dutchland Partner Featured on Dr. Oz Show

Exciting news! One of Dutchland’s valued partners, Scott Sechler, owner of Bell & Evans, will appear on the September 20 episode of The Dr. Oz Show, “In Defense of American Chicken,” where he discusses American poultry practices in a panel alongside Perdue and Tyson.

The episode, which is episode 3 of Season 9, “Your Food Deconstructed: Connecting Customers and Manufacturers,” relates to European confidence (and the lack thereof) in consuming American chicken. Topics discussed on the episode include chilling methods like Bell & Evans’ 100% Air Chilled process versus chlorinated water cooling methods, as well as stress elimination for the chickens. Tune in to watch!

You can find your local station and airtime at And,
Scott will share his experience and some “behind-the-scenes” conversation after the episode airs on

Dutchland constructed a 3.2 MG anoxic reactor tank for Bell & Evan’s plant in Fredericksburg, PA in 2016 and has another bidding opportunity with them at the Keystone Proteins facility. Perdue Farms is also a valued partner of Dutchland’s; Dutchland built a 2.1 MG and a 1.5 MG precast post-tensioned tank at their facility in Lewiston-Woodville, NC in 2008.

Dutchland Receives Safety Awards

In July, Dutchland received two prestigious safety awards from Churchill Casualty LTD: Highest Scoring Member – Manufacturing Industry (Under 500K Hrs) and an Award of Honor, based on being the highest scoring member of Churchill for all aspects of safety. As Dutchland’s President & CEO, I am very honored for this recognition of the company. The safety and health of Dutchland employees has always been a priority and I, along with my brother and partner Lee Kauffman and the company Leadership Team, have worked diligently to create a culture of safety within the company. Maintaining a culture of safety across the business has done much more than improve safety: it has positively improved morale, staff retention, and enhanced the Dutchland environment. It has created new conversations and awareness about how to work in a safe manner. Dutchland employees are the company’s greatest asset and my expectation is to have each and every one of them return home safely after their workday. Thank you to the Churchill Casualty Ltd. group and a special thank you to all of Team Dutchland that has created the environment to win this recognition.

Ben Kauffman, President & CEO

Shown above: Ben Kauffman (second from right), Dutchland President & CEO, with all the Churchill Casualty LTD award winners.

Dutchland Serves as Sponsor for Alex Renew Educational Lobby

Dutchland was proud to serve as a supporting sponsor for the Environmental Center Educational Lobby that was dedicated by Alexandria Renew Enterprises yesterday. The lobby serves as a resource for the entire Alexandria community to enhance understanding and water stewardship.

The educational lobby features museum-quality interactive exhibits that illustrate how much water people use in their homes, how dirty water is transformed, and how to recover resources from the water that is cleaned. You can also witness reclaimed water in action in a 7,000 gallon fish tank and biowall.

Dutchland’s partnership with Alex Renew began with their State-of-the-Art Nutrient Upgrade (SANUP) initiative in which Dutchland constructed an 18 million gallon precast concrete tank. Over the past ten years, AlexRenew has made significant enhancements to its treatment process to meet new, stricter nitrogen removal standards. Through SANUP, AlexRenew has been helping to improve the overall quality of the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The facility enables Alex Renew to process 13 billion gallons of wastewater each year and won two engineering excellence awards in 2016. The American Council of Engineering Companies of Metro Washington and the American Academy of Environmental Engineers & Scientists both recognized the project for its innovation, commitment to sustainability, and contribution to improving quality of life. The project was also awarded the Envision Sustainable Infrastructure Platinum Award for its environmental, social, and economic outcomes.

Dutchland is honored to sponsor projects that invest in the health of our community and water environment. If you are in the Alexandria area, be sure to stop by the Educational lobby!

Environmental Center Educational Lobby

Dutchland CEO & President Featured in Intelligencer Journal

Dutchland’s CEO and President was featured in the Business Section of the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal. Highlights from the interview are listed below as well as a link to access the entire article.

What are some new ways you’re looking to grow the company?

Intellectual property. We’ve been doing what we do now for 30-some years, so we can take what we know about how to build a tank intelligently, that’s durable, with a long service length, and we can train other companies how to do that.

I would love to see us continue to take our intellectual property and continue to develop patents and to also be a technology provider.

That concept takes away the big limiting factor of hauling all of the precast to a long-distance job site.

What’s working well for Dutchland is to identify the right customers, the right projects. Knowing when to say no, which we never did before. The goal is not to “sell, sell, sell” more; the goal is to do “better, better, better” with what we have.

What are some things you’ve stopped doing?

Building commodity precast concrete, like manholes and the kind of things you see for stormwater in streets. We built a lot of those little boxes back in the day, but they’re very commodity driven, and it’s hard to make a profit.

We shed all of our trucks for shipping because today logistics companies are better at that than we’ve ever been.

We also used to do a lot of our own site work. We would have cranes and big excavators and things like that, but we got rid of all of that stuff. There are excavation companies who can do it for half of the price that we can.

What worries you about the future?

Last year in the political cycle that we were in, a lot of projects were slowing down. They were taking a pause, and it created a disruption in our business. That kind of thing worries me some. But diversification is a great answer to some forms of worry.

(Industrial) customers tend to be a lot more awake and active when municipal customers are slow and sleepy. (Industrial customers) have their own money. They’re doing their own thing for their own reasons, so they don’t think the same way a municipal customer may (think).

How do you find employees?

We mostly look inside, because we can train and teach anybody who has the ability to learn how to do their job.

I can tell you that we don’t have a problem finding good people. I’m mystified by that — I really am — because everybody else I know says exactly the opposite.

You do a lot of work for customers trying to meet requirements related to the Chesapeake Bay Initiative. How could you be impacted if changes are made to that federal program?

We think the regulatory side is going to relax, and I think that’s actually a good thing.

Today in wastewater, people are spending — because they have to — another 30 to 50 percent on their project to tweak it the last 2 or 3 percent in terms of what it will discharge. So it’s a big cost for that last tiny little adjustment.

If they do relax on some of those limits, more likely they’ll build more treatment plants in places where they otherwise couldn’t afford them, while having slightly less costly projects.

So where one door closes, maybe another one or two open. That’s how we think it’s going to play out.

Did you always expect to run the company one day?

Working for my dad growing up is how I experienced life. My brother was there, my sister was there, my father was there. We grew up working as a family unit.

My dad required us to get up at 4 o’clock every morning before school. We would put in about 2.5 hours of work. We would prepare the forms for concrete; the concrete trucks would roll in by about the time it was time for us to go get ready for school.

I have a great deal of respect for my dad. I still do. He simply said, “You can do better and make more money, if you do what I’m doing and grow it and go from there, than you can doing anything else.” And I believed it. And that’s what we did.

Dutchland Completes Project in Somerset, PA

Dutchland recently completed construction of the Jenners Crossroads water storage tank in Somerset, PA. The 1 MG potable water storage tank has 35-ft walls and an inside diameter of 73-ft. The tank is centrally located along the Somerset County Water System – Quemahoning water line that extends from the Quemahoning Reservoir to the Borough of Somerset and will be used for future development as well as system redundancy.

Jenners Crossroads represents the third project that Dutchland has built for the Somerset County General Authority. Dutchland has also constructed tanks for the Lincoln Township Municipal Authority and the Somerset Township Municipal Authority, both municipalities are customers of the Quemahoning water line. Mike Lear, Project Manager at Somerset Planning & Engineering Services, remarked that working with Dutchland is always an enjoyable experience. He states, “Somerset and Dutchland have a great working relationship. Dutchland is always very responsive and we appreciate the durability of precast concrete tanks.”

Check out David Godin’s video of Dutchland’s installation of the Jenners Crossroads tank using the link below:

Need for Future Wastewater Tank Modifications? No Problem!

In 2002, Dutchland designed and constructed a precast post-tensioned tank as part of the overall facility upgrade at the Dutoy Creek WWTP in Powhatan County, VA. Since the initial flows coming into the plant were anticipated to be around 10,000 gpd but eventually grow to the full design flow of 250,000 gpd, designing a structure to meet these changing flows proved challenging.

Dutchland addressed the changing flows by designing a tank with temporary precast walls in two of the four large reactor basins. These walls could then be removed when higher flows demanded that all four basins be put into service. The temporary walls were designed to be removed without any structural modifications to the overall tank illustrating the versatility of precast post-tensioned tank construction. The temporary precast walls can be removed within a single day to minimize disruption to plant operations.



Let it Snow!

As Storm Niko blankets the Northeast with snow, and halts activity for most construction companies, precast production at Dutchland remains uninterrupted. Unlike cast-in-place concrete or wire-wrapped tanks, Dutchland manufactures its precast concrete in a controlled plant environment. Not only is Dutchland’s concrete production unaffected by weather conditions, but the PCI-certified facility enables us to achieve consistence in temperature, moisture, lower water-to-cement ratios, as well as rebar and form control, that is not possible with cast-in-place concrete. Additionally, all precast pieces are poured horizontally which results in significantly less air entrapment. So, while most construction companies are waiting for the storm to pass, Dutchland production continues without delays. Through the snow, below-freezing temperatures, and 40 mph winds, its business as usual at Dutchland!

Precast Plant clean

Dutchland, Inc. Welcomes New Leadership Chapter

Ben Kauffman HeadshotDutchland, Inc. announced that its Board of Directors has chosen Ben Kauffman as the organization’s next Chief Executive Officer. Kauffman, who currently serves as Dutchland’s President, will succeed Katie Kauffman, the company’s co-founder and current CEO, who will retire on January 6, 2017. With the retirement of Katie, Dutchland ownership has transitioned from six family members to co-ownership between Ben and his brother, Lee Kauffman.
As President and CEO, Ben Kauffman will have responsibility for creating and implementing the strategic direction of Dutchland. He is a second-generation family member who helped launch the company in 1985. Since its founding more than thirty years ago, Dutchland has grown to become one of the highest quality precast manufacturing facilities in the United States serving clients in thirteen states. Before assuming his role as President in 2006, Ben worked in all areas of the company. “Ben is a remarkable leader who has been largely responsible for the growth of Dutchland over the years. As CEO, I anticipate that Ben will continue to strengthen Dutchland’s position of delivering superior quality precast concrete products to valued customers”, remarked Katie Kauffman.