Concrete Tank Assessment Program at Dutchland

Dutchland is offering a new service – Tank Condition Assessment. As the expert in concrete, Dutchland has the experienced personnel to review your concrete structure and assess your future needs. A member of Dutchland’s engineering team will conduct a thorough visual assessment of your concrete structure and propose maintenance and remediation recommendations so that you can extend the life cycle of your tank investment.

If you want to know more, contact Josh Allen, Chief Engineer at Dutchland,

Sheetz Contracts with Dutchland for Mini-SBR in Virginia

Dutchland received a contract to build a 5,000 GPD mini-SBR for Sheetz in Madison County, VA. The mini-SBR is a new product for Dutchland that uses durable precast concrete structures, combined with high quality equipment, instrumentation and controls. Sheetz is the perfect application for the mini-SBR as they have a very tight site and lower flows, yet still require stringent requirements for groundwater discharge.

Mike Schmidt, Dan Klein, Zach Westcott, & Kirk Merges of Dutchland, Inc. worked together with Sheetz and their engineering firm, C.S. Davidson, to demonstrate that Dutchland’s mini-SBR was the most simple, cost effective solution to achieve their low nitrogen limits.

Dutchland will be the General Contractor for the project, delivering a total turn-key solution for Sheetz. The plant is scheduled to be operational by December 2016.