About Us

A Precast Post-tensioned concrete tank

What We Do

Dutchland, Inc. is a company that specializes in engineering, manufacturing, and constructing Circular, Rectangular and Elliptical Precast Post-Tensioned Concrete Tanks, Custom Designed Wastewater Treatment Plants and other specialized concrete products for water and wastewater.

Our client list includes the U.S. Military, Municipalities, General Contractors and Private Developers. See our Products Page for more information about what we manufacture and construct.


Dutchland, Inc. is a full service design, manufacturing/construction firm and provides the following services for clients, maintaining expertise in both structural designs and wastewater treatment process design:

  • Estimates and budgets
  • Engineering and drafting (structural and process for wastewater), including specifications
  • Fabrication of precast post-tensioned concrete elements
  • Fabrication of on-site base slabs (tensioned and non-tensioned bases)
  • Erection of precast post-tensioned elements
  • Installation of mechanical equipment and instrumentation
  • Testing, start-up and training