How Wastewater Treatment Plants Work: A Comprehensive Look (Part 2)

In our last blog, we covered the first half of the wastewater treatment process. Today, we’re going to finish the process and end with clean, purified water that can be recycled. To recap, the steps of the water treatment process are:

  • Preliminary Treatment
  • Primary Treatment
  • Secondary Treatment (Biological Stage)
  • Digestion Stage
  • Second Digestion Stage
  • Deep Inspection

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Dutchland Welcomes New Safety Manager

Dutchland is pleased to welcome John Hillard as the Manager of Safety, Education and Training. John joined Dutchland in September and is tasked with leading Dutchland’s safety efforts.

John’s goal as the Manager of Safety, Education & Training is to move Dutchland from a compliance-focused program to a risk-based, human focused safety culture. In the short time that John has been at Dutchland, he has: Continue reading

How Wastewater Treatment Plants Work: A Comprehensive Look (Part 1)

Too often, we pay no mind to where the water we use comes from, or where it goes after we’re finished with it. At Dutchland, our business revolves around the storage and processing of wastewater. Today, we want to take a look at the structure of a wastewater treatment plant, what goes on inside, and how water goes from being deemed “waste” to being usable again. This is going to be a two-part blog series, so stay tuned for the second half next month!

There are two broad, overarching categories under which wastewater can be placed: Continue reading

Tight on Space?

Do you need additional water or wastewater capacity but have limited room to expand? No problem for Dutchland! Dutchland tanks are manufactured in a controlled precast concrete facility with a very stringent QA/QC program. The finished precast panels are transported from the manufacturing plant to the job site and craned directly from the delivery truck into a keyway cast into the base slab. Dutchland precast tanks can be built within inches of existing structures. Continue reading

Dutchland Hosts Lancaster Chamber Industry Tour

Dutchland was pleased to serve as the host of the Lancaster Chamber’s Industry Tour in May. Forty four business professionals enjoyed a guided tour through Dutchland’s state-of-the-art facility and experienced first-hand the quality that sets us apart from our competition. Lancaster Chamber members observed the entire precast, pre-stressed manufacturing process from engineering, production, and a construction overview. The production tour included: rebar fabrication, form set-up, casting and finishing. If you missed the opportunity and would like to tour our facility, call us at 717-442-8282 to schedule a visit! Continue reading

Town of Nichols WWTF Promotes Economic Development

The Industrial Development Agency (IDA) of Tioga County, NY enticed Crown Cork & Seal, a global aluminum packaging company, to select a site in the Town of Nichols to construct a new aluminum can manufacturing facility. To make the property attractive for development, the IDA agreed to upgrade Nichol’s public drinking water and wastewater treatment infrastructure to serve the new manufacturing facility. However, the upgrades could not be started until Crown Cork & Seal committed to developing the site, and they needed to be completed before the new manufacturing facility came online. The result was a timeframe of one year to complete the design and construction of all water and wastewater upgrades. Continue reading

New Greensboro WWTP Wins Water/Environment Award of Merit

The new Greensboro Wastewater Treatment Plant was recently recognized by the Engineering News Record with a Water/Environment Award of Merit as one the Mid-Atlantic’s 2017 Best Projects! The new wastewater treatment plant in Greensboro, MD was designed by Rummel, Klepper, & Kahl LLP and includes vortex grit removal, a sequencing batch reactor, denitrification filters, cascade post aeration, UV disinfection and chemical storage and feed systems. Dutchland designed and constructed the circular precast post-tensioned sequencing batch reactor with an 80-ft inside diameter and 22-ft high wall panels for the new plant. Continue reading

Health & Wellness Fair at Dutchland

On Friday, September 22, the Dutchland Wellness Committee sponsored its third annual Health & Wellness Fair. The Fair was an educational and interactive event designed for outreach to provide basic preventative medical screening to Dutchland employees and their families, as well as information about living a healthy lifestyle. The event was well attended by employees and spouses / families. Continue reading

Dutchland Partner Featured on Dr. Oz Show

Exciting news! One of Dutchland’s valued partners, Scott Sechler, owner of Bell & Evans, will appear on the September 20 episode of The Dr. Oz Show, “In Defense of American Chicken,” where he discusses American poultry practices in a panel alongside Perdue and Tyson.

The episode, which is episode 3 of Season 9, “Your Food Deconstructed: Connecting Customers and Manufacturers,” relates to European confidence (and the lack thereof) in consuming American chicken. Topics discussed on the episode include chilling methods like Bell & Evans’ 100% Air Chilled process versus chlorinated water cooling methods, as well as stress elimination for the chickens. Tune in to watch! Continue reading

Dutchland Receives Safety Awards

In July, Dutchland received two prestigious safety awards from Churchill Casualty LTD: Highest Scoring Member – Manufacturing Industry (Under 500K Hrs) and an Award of Honor, based on being the highest scoring member of Churchill for all aspects of safety. As Dutchland’s President & CEO, I am very honored for this recognition of the company. The safety and health of Dutchland employees has always been a priority and I, along with my brother and partner Lee Kauffman and the company Leadership Team, have worked diligently to create a culture of safety within the company. Maintaining a culture of safety across the business has done much more than improve safety: it has positively improved morale, staff retention, and enhanced the Dutchland environment. It has created new conversations and awareness about how to work in a safe manner. Dutchland employees are the company’s greatest asset and my expectation is to have each and every one of them return home safely after their workday. Thank you to the Churchill Casualty Ltd. group and a special thank you to all of Team Dutchland that has created the environment to win this recognition. Continue reading