Dutchland, Inc. has developed unique and proprietary technologies for precast, pre-stressed concrete tanks. Rather than expanding business by building new facilities in various states, Dutchland has opted to make its technology accessible through partnerships with other highly qualified precast concrete producers and specialty contractors. Products for water and wastewater storage, treatment and disposal continue to be in high demand as regulations in the United States continue to become more rigorous. Dutchland believes that existing precast concrete producers can become more diversified and therefore stay relevant in an ever changing complex market place. With a collaborative approach in this, water storage and management could be made more accessible and more customized to client’s needs. License with a company that is a proven technological leader in the industry of designing, manufacturing and constructing precast, pre-stressed concrete water and wastewater structures.

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How Dutchland Inc. Has Grown To Become a Worldwide Leader in Precast Post-Tensioned Tanks

In the last 30 years Dutchland has grown from producing small precast concrete water and wastewater structures to larger circular and rectangular precast post-tensioned (PPT) water storage tanks. The Dutchland name is synonymous with reliability, durability and quality in both product manufacturing and installation. Today Dutchland manufactures and installs a variety of circular and water/wastewater PPT structures ranging in size from 50,000 gallons to more than 17 million gallons. We have over 1000 tanks in operation.

Many regional and national engineers, including URS Corp., Arcadis U.S. Inc., O’Brien & Gere, CH2M Hill, ARRO Consulting, Jacobs Engineering, CDM Smith and many more. While Dutchland has partnered with several sewer authorities and municipalities throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, we’ve also worked with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineering, the United States Military Authority, Delaware Department of Transportation and the U.S. Department of General Services.

As the authority in Precast Post-Tensioned tanks, Dutchland is ready to partner with you

The demand for water/wastewater storage treatment and disposal is projected to have significant growth throughout the United States. Our Value Proposition is simple: To help you analyze what has been the demand for water/wastewater in your market and an analysis of what are the potential revenues and margins for your firm.

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