Wastewater Treatment Plants

Dutchland offers clients a unique combination of engineering and process design, operations expertise and control systems implementation to allow for efficient execution of all wastewater projects. Our multi-disciplinary design team partners with each customer to develop tailored solutions for their unique wastewater needs. Plants are designed to meet various limits, including: pretreatment, secondary treatment, tertiary treatment, and biological nutrient removal. Additionally, Dutchland’s custom solutions for on-site treatment are contained in precast post-tensioned tanks which provide superior material benefits while requiring the lowest maintenance.

Custom Designed WWTP

  • Process Options:
    • Extended Aeration
    • MLE/BNR
  • Structure Options:
    • Package Plant Norweco
      • 2,000 GPD - 0.1 MGD
    • Post-tensioned Structure:
      • 40,000 GPD - 2 MGD

Extended Aeration Process:

MLE / BNR Process (The BIO-D Process™):

Extended Aeration Performance:

MLE / BNR Performance:




  • Structure Options:
    • Modular Precast
      • 5,000 GPD - 15,000 GPD
    • Wall Panel Precast
      • 15,000 GPD - 0.1 MGD