We’ve found that when talking with our clients about our process, products and customer service, one common thread continually reappears: SATISFACTION. It’s universally reported among the people, companies and groups that we work with that we consistently exceed their expectations and the end result that we provide is of the utmost quality.

Read what our clients think about Team Dutchland

"Everyone from the person answering the telephone to the guy in the field was a pleasure to work with"

- Jason
Town of Hector Water System Improvement

"Dutchland was a breath of fresh air. I have never had the opportunity before to work with such a professional group of individuals from the office staff to the excellent staff in the field. I personally stand behind Dutchland and would recommend them for any project. No project is too small or too big for these professionals to address."

Miller Environmental Inc.

"Your personnel in the field were as good a group as I have been around"

- Ned
Parham’s Landing WWTP

"I have enjoyed working with the entire team from Dutchland. The quality of workmanship and teamwork was very appreciated by us and the owner. I look forward to the next project together."

- JR
Greenbrier EQ Tank

"Overall very good performance and I would be happy to work with Dutchland on future projects."

- Eric
Dover AFB Water Storage Tank

"It has always been a real pleasure for us working with Dutchland Inc. Whether they were designing or building 1 or 2 of our plants, helping us with service work, or even helping us out with ordering parts. Their employees and crews have always been willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. Thank you."

- Troy - Salisbury WWTP

"Throughout several projects, including Concrete Tank fabrication/installation, as well as Pump Station rehab, Dutchland Inc. has provided quality craftsmanship and outstanding Personnel at all levels. As Chief System Operator for Leacock Township Sewer facility, I would highly recommend Dutchland Inc. products and services for any project."

- Bruce
Leacock Township Sewer Facility

"First class organization and people"

- Bob
Williamstown WWTP

"Project went great. Dutchland was a pleasure to have on the team and was a vital link in the successful project completion ahead of schedule."

- Henry
Mt. Jackson WWTP

"Another easy Dutchland project. Thanks again."

- Travis
Plumstead Surge Tank