Why Choose Dutchland Precast Concrete?

In short, superior products.

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  • In a controlled plant environment, Dutchland’s precast manufacturing facility is able to achieve consistency in temperature, moisture and lower water-to-cement ratios, as well as rebar and form control that is not possible in cast-in-place concrete.
  • Precast pieces are poured horizontally, resulting in significantly less air entrapment than vertically poured cast-in-place concrete.
  • Dutchland uses self-consolidating concrete (SCC) with fly ash to produce dense and durable concrete.
  • Dutchland produces its own concrete with materials that come from nearby quarries and from suppliers we utilize year after year. This consistency assures predictable results.
  • PCI-certified, PTI-certified, ACI-certified.

State-of-the-art Technology

  • Dutchland tanks are dynamically reinforced with post-tensioning tendons to maintain a high residual compression in the walls, even when the tank is full.
  • Changes in precast concrete caused by shrinkage occur before the tank is erected. Therefore the total movement in a precast structure is significantly less than a cast-in-place structure resulting in less cracking and greater durability.
  • Dutchland accommodates for small tank movements across closely-spaced wall joints. Cast-in-place must accommodate for movements with widely-spaced expansion joints. Less movement occurs at the closely-spaced joints.


  • Dutchland is a full design/build, manufacturing and construction firm specializing in the water/wastewater industry.
  • Dutchland had designed and built over 1,000 structures, and WWTPs.


  • Precast manufacturing is completed off-site. Therefore, many schedule items can be overlapped.
  • Precast concrete production is not impacted by weather conditions.


  • Dutchland tanks can be constructed as simple or complex structures, buried, partially buried, or above ground, as well as either circular, rectangular, or elliptical in configuration to accommodate project needs and site constraints.
  • Dutchland tanks are suitable for many types of liquid containment including potable water, wastewater treatment, storm water retention, and more.
  • Aesthetic versatility- Precast concrete tanks can be produced in a wide variety of colors and finishes to achieve the desired appearance.
  • Dutchland precast post-tensioned structures can be expanded in the future, modified at any time, and added to existing structures.


  • Dutchland tanks are designed for 5,000-6,000 PSI at 28 days.
  • The Dutchland precast post-tensioned tank design provides active reinforcement rather than passive reinforcing, resulting in considerably less cracking.
  • A low water-to-cement ratio combined with good compaction and curing in a controlled factory ensures a dense, highly durable, watertight structure.

Cost Savings

  • Cost savings realized through material optimization.
  • Reduced life cycle cost due to superior design and unprecedented longevity.
  • Ability to reduce wall and base thickness compared to cast-in-place while still meeting ACI 350 and other applicable codes and standards. This is due to the nature of post-tensioning.
  • Reduced site work and time on-site.


  • Because precast concrete is factory-made, there is little waste created in the plant and on-site construction waste and debris is significantly reduced, as well as the environmental impact of noise pollution and site disturbance. In addition, Dutchland precast concrete accommodates recycled content by incorporating fly ash into the concrete mix design.
  • Contributes to LEED certification.
  • Excess concrete is recycled into retaining wall blocks.

Safety and Training

Dutchland is dedicated to providing a safe workplace for our employees and clients. Thorough training is a mainstay for Team Dutchland’s Precast and Construction employees and is a key contributor to the excellence Dutchland delivers time and time again.

Precast Employee Training & Certification

  • PCI-Certification
  • Post-tensioning Institute Certification
  • ACI-Certification
  • Welding Certification
  • OSHA 10, OSHA 30 Certification
  • Forklift Certification
  • CPR, AED, First Aid Training
  • Overhead Crane Training
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Respiratory Training & Fit Test Annually
  • Hazard Communication Training
  • Overhead Crane Training
  • Welding & Torching Training Annually
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Training

Construction Employee Training & Certification

  • Post-tensioning Institute Certification
  • ASBI Post-tensioned grouting certification
  • PTI Bonded Post-tensioning Certification
  • PCI Field Auditor Certification
  • ACI Field Testing Certification Grade 1
  • ACI Adhesive Anchor Certification
  • Forklift Certification
  • Aerial Lift Certification
  • Overhead Crane Certification
  • OSHA 10, OSHA 30 Certification
  • CPR, AED, First Aid Training
  • Fall Protection Training
  • Hazard Communication
  • Crane Signaler & Rigor 1 Training
  • PVC Waterstop Welding Training
  • Respirator Training
  • Fit Testing Annually
  • Confined Space for Entrant, Attendant and Supervisor Training
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Training

Some of our recent accomplishments

  • 2014 Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies
  • 2014 American Heart Assoc Fit Friendly Worksite – Platinum Achievement
  • 2014 Lancaster County Well Workplace Award – Platinum Achievement
  • 2013 Governor’s ImPAct Award
  • 2012 Governor’s Award for Safety Excellence
  • 2012 Keystone Alliance for Performance Excellence – Commitment Award
  • 2011 United Way Circle of Honor
  • 2003, 04, 05 Best Places to Work in PA